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Sunset Yoga Center provides a safe, welcoming yoga home to learn and practice yoga in the Iyengar tradition. Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers ensure students are guided with appropriate instruction and individual feedback, while props are utilized to facilitate learning, establish structural alignment, individualize adjustment, and to enhance depth of experience. Iyengar Yoga is a pathway to health and vitality, clarity and wisdom, emotional serenity and poise.

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Fall – Time for Yoga and Hope

As Mom, I am a daily rhythm maker. The routine for myself and my 2 kids prior to June, had been to get up and get out of the house by 8 am to get my 4-year-old to preschool 4 days a week. I know we’re talking preschool here. Even so, being on time is an honorable and cherished value to teach even at a young age. The rigid demands of pick and up and drop off, however, left my 2-year-old and I stranded in lulls of not enough time to do___. In between hurry up and go, there was a lot of wait, and coffee (for me). Lost was the freedom to sleep in, or not, the possibility of play and crafts at home, and my patience for the 2-year-old to put on their shoes (or clothes). Instead, I turned into a stressed out human-like-mom-thing, demanding that shoes (and clothes) be donned in a timely manner to be in the car and on the way to preschool 5 minutes early so that the shoes could be put back on since they, of course, were kicked off after getting buckled in the car seat.




I stood in front the Roman Forum, Caesar’s home, the Colosseum, random ruins of past lives. I wondered how we humans have survived all of these many years, all of these families. All of this passed down one generation to the next, over and over again. Did their kids cause so much anguish? Did they worry about being on time?


Now that summer is nearing to an end, I am gearing up for another year of timetables and rhythm making. This time, I will have 3 precious hours, 3 days a week, to myself. Both kids will be in some form of preschool. “What are you going to do?” Is the happy and somewhat frantic question I receive from well-meaning Mom friends.


Here enters a word that gives each generation new life, HOPE. I hope, that the looming pick-up times won’t paralyze my use of time. I hope, I can accomplish something in those few, wee 3 hours – a walk, a book, a meet up with a friend, a volunteer opportunity, a yoga class….


Fall is a great time to reframe your schedule, to start anew, to retackle that New Year’s Resolution. Yoga can help calm the anxieties of work, Mom-life, or just human-ness. I hope, you will join me this fall to start anew in rhythm making, in being grounded in the present, and in trying out a new or different yoga class.




Sara Russell is co-owner of Sunset Yoga Center, a CIYT, and mother of 2. She recently spent 4 weeks in Rome with her family. You can follow her on Instagram @saradruss or catch one of her classes at Sunset Yoga Center.