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Sunset Yoga Center provides a safe, welcoming yoga home to learn and practice yoga in the Iyengar tradition. Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers ensure students are guided with appropriate instruction and individual feedback, while props are utilized to facilitate learning, establish structural alignment, individualize adjustment, and to enhance depth of experience. Iyengar Yoga is a pathway to health and vitality, clarity and wisdom, emotional serenity and poise.

All experience levels welcome!

Hmmmm… I Wonder What Pass to Buy (aka Class Pass Frequently Asked Questions)

Eka Pada Sirsasana


Both current and new students often have questions about what pass to purchase for classes at Sunset Yoga Center. Below are the most frequently asked questions and Sunset Yoga Center’s answers to them. Please know that we care deeply about our current and potential new students and want you to have the best possible experience we can provide.


Q: Which pass should I buy?

A: We offer a variety of pass options to suit your unique situation. These multi-class passes offer a significant discount over the drop in (single) rate, but do come with time limits. Please consider your schedule and commitment when selecting a pass.

  • If you are brand new to the studio, the New Student Welcome Pass is the best deal: 5 classes in two months for only $49. Buy one here.
  • 5 classes in 2 months. For those that take one class a week, but have sometimes have schedule conflicts that come up. This pass is discounted relative to the drop in rate.
  • 10 classes in 3 months. For those that take one class a week, with infrequent conflicts. This pass lowers the cost per class in respect to the increased commitment on the part of the student.
  • 20 classes in 5 months. For those that either commonly take more than one class a week, or take one class a week but rarely have conflicts. This pass is the best deal on a cost per class basis. It is offered for students strongly committed to a regular study.


Q: I want to get the best deal, but I have some travel or conflicts in the near future. What should I do?

A: Buy the pass that matches the number of classes you expect to attend for that time period. It is understood that the pass which best matches planned attendance may not be the best cost per class. When that pass is done, and your schedule has settled down, you can consider if a higher commitment/higher discount pass is now better.


Q: I was unable to come to class due to an unforeseen illness or family emergency. Can I get an extension on my pass?

A: Yes! These events do happen and are covered by our policy. We are happy to extend your pass for these cases. Email us at [email protected] as soon as reasonably possible to request an extension.


Q: The studio was closed for a period of time due to a holiday break or lots of bad weather. Can I get an extension on my pass?

A: Yes, the situations where we close the studio are also covered by our policy.


Q: I missed class for awhile, but my reason is not listed in your policy. Can I get an extension anyway?

A: You can submit a request for extension to our email address, [email protected]. Please explain why this exception to the policy should be considered. Even if you described your situation to a teacher, please state it clearly in your email request. We will consider it and get back to you with a decision.


Q: I could not make it to class for awhile. Can I bring a friend to help use up my pass?

A: Please see our policy about sharing passes



Q: I can no longer come to class. Can I transfer my pass to someone else?

A: Please send your request to our email address and explain the change. If the change is unforeseen, we will consider transfers to first time students to the studio.


Q: Can I share my pass with my family?

A: You can always share your pass with a spouse or domestic/life partner. You can also share your pass with minor children.


Q: I have an extended family member, adult child, or friend visiting from out of town. Can I share my pass with them?

A: We appreciate you sharing your enthusiasm for yoga with them. However, our sharing policy is limited to immediate family, as described above. If the visitor is town for a short period, the drop in rate is most applicable. If they will be visiting for a while, they may consider our other pass options.


Q: Why do you put time limits on your passes? Life is complicated enough already.

A: First, we want to encourage everyone to make yoga regular practice in their lives. The more one practices, the more benefits are felt. We believe making time to practice yoga helps reduce the stresses in life. We feel strongly enough about a consistent yoga practice that we are willing to provide a sliding scale of discount based on level of commitment.

Second, as a business we do have our bills to pay too. Teacher pay is a key component of our costs. Just as we want our students to be committed to practice, we want to attract and retain teachers committed to our students. In addition to paying our teachers fairly, we have fixed costs just like any other business. When any business has an unpredictable model of income, it is difficult to ensure all bills get paid and commit to the longevity of the business.


Q: Have you considered other pass arrangements?

A: Yes, previously Sunset Yoga Center operated on a semester basis. Students signed up and paid for a full term. Students needed to make up missed classes within the term. A number of other studios use a similar model.

We may periodically consider changes to our pass model. Any change will be focused on both encouraging all students to experience the transformative power of a regular committed practice, as well as the sustainability of the business.